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HQE™ is the French certification awarded to building construction and management as well as urban planning projects. HQE™ promotes best practices, sustainable quality in building projects and offers expert guidance throughout the lifetime of the project. 

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HQETM: France’s reference certification scheme


In France, HQE is managed by a group of stakeholders within a recognised public service organisation called, GBC Alliance HQE.


The trademark, NF (owned by the French standards body, AFNOR Certification), is synonymous with quality in France.

The French certification trademark is NF HQE™.


There are three bodies in charge of delivering certification in France:

- Certivea for local planning and non-residential buildings that are being built, renovated or used;

- Cerqual for Residential buildings, renovated or used;

- Cequami for detached houses.


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