High Environmental Performance


Requirements that look to the future

Always a step ahead of forthcoming regulations, building projects certified by Certivea exceed the performance levels that are required today in order to better anticipate those that will be required in the future.


Technical expertise driving progress

Certivea has built its certification service on continuously enhanced and sound scientific and technical foundations as well as more than 10 years of practical experience. Certivea also works with construction and property experts on a daily basis to improve and develop its certification schemes, which are the subject of extensive consultations, requests for comments, trials, etc.


A performance-oriented approach

The purpose of HQE™ certification is to endorse the overall performance of a building and that of the four key areas considered by the certification scheme: energy, environment, health and comfort. The performance levels achieved are stated and endorsed in a certificate issued at the end of the project. They take product and material lifecycles into account.



High Environmentalhaute performance visuel

Adaptability and Freedom

An open scheme for free choice

HQE™ certification is not prescriptive and does not impose any particular solution on project owners. They are free to select their process, materials, and architectural and technical procedures. In fact, the Certivea certification scheme recognises the expertise specific to each country and to each project owner.


An adaptable international scheme that respects differences

The Certivea certification service has been designed and created to adapt to the constraints and particularities of each country: climate, regulations, construction practices and organisation systems. HQE™ certification also lets applicants put forward a recognition of equivalence process so that performance levels can be certified using an alternative system.

HQE™ certification adapts to all situations and enables requirements to be better taken into account. It allows goals to be chosen in accordance with the project, performance level, etc.



Adaptability and freedom

People at the heart of the project


Independent, impartial and competent auditors

To ensure both objectivity and impartiality with regards to a project's environmental performance, Certivea selects and pays auditors to:

- Check whether the solutions proposed are the most suitable for the project in question;

- Use their expertise to understand the exact requirements of the certification scheme if discrepancies are found;

- Ensure that the scheme is being applied through the use of questions, in particular.


All of the parties who are involved in a project attend the audit meetings: auditors, HQE certification Référents, local and regional partners, Certivea teams, etc.

As well as providing an opportunity for discussion, these meetings allow the stakeholders to embrace the same goals for a project and thereby permit everyone to improve and make progress.


The Certivea audit system delivers certification of the highest level of compliance with the greatest trustworthiness level recognized by ISO.


Management systems that optimise projects

HQE™ certification enables better synergy between stakeholders, thereby improving project management and allowing the goals set to be met while keeping costs and lead times under control.


Day-to-day support and guidance

Certivea offers day-to-day support and guidance to certification applicants through, for example, technical guides and a technical team that is available to answer questions.


A HQE™ certification Référent” service

To assist project owners, Certivea has created a network of recognised professionals (known as HQE™ certification Référents) who fully understand the HQE™ certification scheme, provide advice and allow applicants to benefit from a streamlined and economical service.


A network of partners

HQE™ certification is based on a network of local, regional and international advisory partners (specialist consultants, local certification bodies, technical and scientific research organisations that are recognised in their country or local area) that help to implement the certification scheme and provide recognition of equivalence services for their country.


Certivea also provides tools for every project stage (see Schemes and documents)


People at the hearthumain au coeur du projet visuel 

Feedback on quality


Investing in an environmentally-friendly, HQE™ certified building optimises its profitability:


Occupancy rates are higher.

The building sells faster.

Rent growth is higher.

Operating costs are lower (greater control over energy consumption, budget savings, less waste, etc.). 

Asset value is improved (slower fall in value as the building does not become obsolete so quickly).


HQE™ certification puts user health and comfort first, allowing all those concerned to benefit:


Maximum comfort for occupiers.

Improved productivity by reducing employee absence.

Tenant satisfaction.

Lower health risks.



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