Introduction to HQE™ certification

Underpinned by its widely acknowledged expertise, HQE™ certification is the best solution to gain objective and credible recognition for: 


- Best practice in terms of the sustainable construction and operation of buildings.

- High-quality and sustainable local developments.


HQE™ certification covers the entire lifecycle of a building (construction, renovation and operation): non-residential buildings, residential buildings and detached houses as well as urban planning and development.


It adds value to certified projects thanks to: 


- Technical schemes that cover all categories of non-residential buildings (logistics, retail outlets, hotels, etc.).

- The ability to issue certificates worldwide by combining generic criteria, specific criteria, and common indicators, thereby allowing all assets to be compared.

- Full third-party certification, which is the most reliable way to ensure that the high quality nature of a project is recognised.

HQE™ certification has established itself as the solution to ensure that the high quality nature of a sustainable project is recognised.