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NEOBUILD : technological innovation cluster dedicated to sustainable construction :

« Innovating together to promote sustainable construction »



NEOBUILD supports and promotes all innovation projects for the construction sector.

We offer a wide range of missions with a practical approach:

• Contribute to the implementation of innovative technologies in the construction sector.

• Create, through its services, a favorable context to innovate.

• Foster the emergence and development of innovative ideas.

• Ensure technological monitoring for the construction sector.

• Provide opportunities for experiments in our Living Lab.



Take advantage of a tailor-made innovation coaching to develop your project.

NEOBUILD supports you in the development and implementation of your innovative ideas: from the feasibility study, to technical execution consulting, certifications and market valuation.



In a facilitating role, NEOBUILD connects your innovation project to its market.

NEOBUILD implements many actions to promote and enhance your innovation: organization of conferences or workshops, publication of press releases in its communication channels and distribution to its partners.



NEOBUILD provides you with its technical know-how and business expertise in fields as varied as they are specialized, prefiguring the construction site of tomorrow:

• URBAN FARMING - Greenhouses on rooftops

• BIM - Building Information Management/Modeling

• HEALTH & Comfort of buildings

• Bio sourced materials

• Energy efficiency

• Robotics & Internet of Things



The Neobuild Innovation Living Lab materializes NEOBUILD’s activity: it is a real showcase for innovation. An exceptional building and an experimental site dedicated to the construction sector. Proof of this is the fact that he received the Smart Building Award from the Green Building Solutions Awards in 2015, on the sidelines of COP21 !

Built as a real "living laboratory" at the heart of an experimental site and integrating more than 100 different materials, products and systems, this high-tech and "nearly zero energy" building prefigures the standards of future buildings.

NEOBUILD is also a business and start-up incubator, a talent accelerator to support and assist you in the implementation of your innovation projects.


Test sites await you! Come and test your materials or products in real conditions thanks to a network of sensors that check their real efficiency "in situ".

Contact : Lucas KARMANN - 

Innovation Development Engineer