Non-residential building 

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This certification scheme covers the design and construction phases of new-builds and renovated buildings.

Certification is issued following audits that consider:

Project environmental management (PEM).
The environmental performance of the building (EPB).

There is a specific technical scheme for each of these areas.

The environmental performance of the building is assessed on 4 themes:


The benefits  

For investors:

Optimum profitability with an environmentally-friendly building
According to an IPD report, total return is 110 basis points higher for green buildings.

For users:

User health and comfort stand at the heart of HQE™ certification
Quality of life in the workplace
Reduced health risks

For the project itself:

A flexible and adaptable system





The Process

3 audits along the project phases: 



After contractualisation, the intervention process allows to prepare the audits upstream and respond to possible non-compliance before each certification decision:shema audit EN 




Schemes, application for certification and further information




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