Non-residential buildings in operation 

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Certification, whose methods are relevant to today’s world, casts a spotlight not only on the buildings but also:



Best practice

Sustainable development strategy

The building manager's image as a responsible firm


It may apply to one building or a group of buildings.


The three areas of HQE™ certification for buildings in use:


Certification can be requested independently by a landlord, property manager or building user.

Split into three areas, it provides an overview of the performance of each stakeholder.




The benefits  

Improved control over running costs, especially water and energy consumption

Better working conditions: positive impact on business




The process

Five-year period with one eligibility audit and then follow-up audits every year, either on site or remotely.

The international sampling rule applies when the certification application concerns a group of buildings.shema audit EN


HQE certification for buildings in operation improves and casts a spotlight on the performance of the buildings (environment, energy use, comfort and health). 




Schemes, application for certification and further information


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