Sustainable Urban Planning 

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This certification scheme attests to the implementation of a project management system that allows sustainable urban planning goals that are appropriate to the circumstances of the project to be set and the project to be organised in such a way as to ensure that the goals are met while controlling:


The coordination, participation and assessment processes;

The operational planning processes for the design, build and handover stages.


This is the only international certification scheme to operate at the level of an entire district. It considers the preliminary stages of the development project and the relationship between local planning and urban planning/design.



The benefits

Cooperation between local public authorities and developers.
Applies to all stakeholders (local authorities and public/private developers).
Adapted to every kind of planning project (regardless of the project owner, size, procedure, local planning context and purpose).





The process

HQE™ certification for sustainable urban planning is a management tool:

It provides a timetable for discussions between the various stakeholders, from the launch phase to completion.
It allows sound and coherent sustainable urban planning goals to be set and achieved.
After on-site follow-up audits, the issuance and subsequent updating of a certificate promotes the project at every stage, from day one to delivery.





Schemes, application for certification and further information


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