A representative body


HQE™ is organised around an International Advisory Board composed of representants from various parts of the Society:


Politics: representatives of political governance bodies at an international, regional, national or local level.


Market: professionals, industry federations and associations that represent the construction, renovation, property management and urban planning sectors.


Civil society: representatives from bodies that represent building users, non-governmental organisations and sustainable construction associations.


Science: representatives from research centers and universities involved in sustainable construction and planning.


Partners:training, consultancy and certification partners, from various parts of the world.


The Board's role


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Strategic direction: the Board contributes to the development of a consistent and effective certification system. In particular, it may give its opinion on strategic marketing, positioning and on key partnerships.


Oversight: the Board ensures the credibility and relevance of the HQE™ certification system and training courses.


Referral body: the Board acts as a referral body for local governance committees and special committees on matters such as promoting the HQE™ system or technical coordination.