A global movement


For over 20 years, the HQETM movement has been directing the attention of stakeholders towards:


- Sustainable development issues applied to buildings and local planning.

- Goals that will help create a sustainable living environment.


This global movement comprises several thousand stakeholders:


- Architects and engineers

- Property developers and investors

- Property users

- Institutions and local authorities


It supports and guides all project stakeholders by providing expertise in environmental quality that is recognised worldwide.

HQE Movement relies on interpersonal (or individual) skills based on professionalism and search for progress.


HQETM certification innovates and stands out thanks to the specific approach that it takes:


It pursues sustainable performance objectives while giving substantial importance to the life cycle analysis on a building scale and to the impacts of a project on health, personal comfort and the indoor environment.


A global certification trademark


HQETM is a trademark that is registered internationally and is the exclusive property of Alliance HQE-GBC.

HQETM certification is operated by Certivea, in all countries except France.

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