Écobâtiment: Certification partner in Québec

Écobâtiment’s team promotes sustainable building since 2004. Through training, publications and projects, Écobâtiment aims to change attitudes and practices in the sustainable building field. And that, in order:
to enrich the quality of life of Quebecers;
- to mitigate the negative environmental impact associated with the construction and buildings in operation;
- to reduce pollution and emissions of greenhouse gases due to the life cycle of a building;
- to stimulate sustainable economic development in the sectors of construction, renovation and operation of buildings.

Écobâtiment began its work of training and awareness among students of trades and occupations in the construction industry since its foundation. The experience gained over the years allows Écobâtiment to offer lectures about sustainable building across Quebec, tailored to the needs of a more varied audience: from industry professionals to entrepreneurs, through the technicians and municipal officers.

Écobâtiment also carries out exploratory missions in Quebec and elsewhere to compile and disseminate information about innovative applications in the field of sustainable building. In this way, the team maintains its knowledge at the cutting edge technologies and concepts relating to green building. In addition, analytical work and outreach is done daily, especially for the production of various publications available to professionals and the general public.


The organization also has to his credit several projects and demonstration. Écobâtiment is able to attend schools, municipalities and organisations in their efforts towards a healthier built environment. In this regard, one of the first projects in which the team was invested is the ecological renovation of the Frédéric Back Culture and environment Centre, an old school brought up to standard in order to create office space. Among the demonstration elements made on this building, there especially are the first insulated wall of straw bales in a commercial building in Quebec, as well as the first solar concentrator collector type in Quebec.


The synergy between the various Écobâtiment projects and services helps positioning it to the forefront of the latest advances in sustainable building.

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