The role and its purpose  

HQE™ certification Référents are accredited professionals:

They have taken a training course.
They have passed an examination.
They are accredited by Certivea.

HQE certification Référents are called in to assist with a project by drawing on their:

Proficiency in one or more HQE certification schemes;
Ability to assess projects that require HQE certification.

Although optional, the involvement of a HQE™ “Référent” gives certification applicants: Access to the skills and experience of a professional resulting in a smoother certification process!

Reasons for becoming HQE™ certification Référent

Becoming HQE™ certification Référent enables professionals to:

Receive HQE™ training.
Showcase their skills through the accreditation awarded by Certivea.
Raise awareness of their ability to support and guide clients.
Simplify the certification process.

Accreditation confirms the advisor’s expertise in terms of:

Implementation and efficient project management.
Appropriate classification of objectives in the context of the project.

Reliability of the evaluation carried out.

Understanding the certification process.

The conditions to be met

Degree-level education: qualified architects, engineers and town planners and those with a university degree or an equivalent qualification from the construction field with at least 2 years' professional experience are eligible to take the course. If the person concerned does not have such a qualification, more than 5 years of professional experience as a project manager is required in the construction, property management or urban planning sectors.

Language: an adequate level* of French and/or English is required (the ability to convey general ideas with shades of meaning and a working knowledge of the language which is sufficient to operate in a work environment).
* at least level B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages

Insurance:  civil liability insurance cover (or equivalent), either directly or through an employer, is required for the assignments for which he/she will take responsibility.

Policies and procedures: Applicants undertake to adhere to the policies and procedures for HQE™ “Référent” accreditation.

The application procedure

Training: Applicants take a training course (online access 3 months or  'blended learning ' online training with 1 day in presential) that leads to the HQE certification Référent qualification given by Certivea or a partner recognized by Certivea.

Exemption: Exemption from the training course (but not the examination) may be given to applicants with experience of working on at least three successful HQE™ certified projects.

Examination: When ready, applicants must pass an 1hr multiple-choice examination in presential or by video Skype.

Validity: Accreditation is valid for 36 months, provided the maintenance requirements are met.

HQE™ certification Référent maintenance requirements

 Maintien Référent 36M EN 


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